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  • latency when using VEP outputs other than 1&2

    I run Digital Performer 9.01 under OS10.10.5 on a 2012 iMac maxed out with RAM and a UAD Apollo interface. I'm using the latest VEP plug-in, MAS version, within DP. On a track I'm currently recording, I have 3 VI plug-ins in the VEP server, routing their outputs to separate outputs of VEP and back into DP for recording on to separate tracks. I'm using VEP outputs 3-16, 8 stereo pairs (even though some of the tracks are mono, since VEP doesn't have mono outs). the output 1&2 pair is reserved for the VEP Master Bus, which I use occasionally.

    I play MIDI live into to VEP, the audio on any VI routed to any of the above outputs is noticeably late coming back into DP. If I re-route the output the VI to the Master Bus, the latency disappears. This happens no matter which VI I am playing.

    DP pre-gen settings have no effect on this, nor does host buffer multiplier. I could always route the instrument I'm recording to outputs 1&2, but why should the other outputs exhibit this latency when the outhers don't? I feel maybe I am missing something...



  • Hi Tony, 

    Please send your DP song as a zip file to, we will take a look!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks, Paul - I will do that a little later today. I should also mention that I run DP at a buffer of 128, where there is no noticaeable (to me!) latency from DP - and changing that to 64 doesn't change the latency I'm hearing from VEP. More soon...