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  • Auto-Divis ? for Vienna Instruments Pro 2

    Hello to all. This should probably be an easy answer for someone that already uses this method.  But, I've tried to find my answer looking at manuals, and videos online, but haven't yet found the answer.

    I use the following orchestral libraries for my scoring mock-ups: (VSL SE Orchestral Strs, VSL SE Chamber Strs, VSL SE Woodwinds, VSL SE Brass, & VSL SE Percussion).  I don't have any of the Plus versions for my SE libraries. And I don't own Vienna Instruments Pro 2, yet. And I don't own Vienna Ensemble Pro.

    I setup my Cubase 7 DAW template with the VSL Orchestral Strs as the VSL SE Orc. Strs as my Vlns 1, and my VSL SE Chamber Strs as Vlns 2. And the same format for the Vlas, Celli, CBass - the Orc. Strs as desk 1, and the Chamber Strs as desk 2.  The main thing I'm looking to do, is to be able to sequence, as an example a Vln Str line with say 3 notes(triad) for the 1st & 2nd Vlns.  And the top note goes to the Orc Strs(Vlns 1), and the bottom 2 notes go to the Chamber Strs(Vlns 2).

    But I'm going to setup two Chamber Strs Vlns 2 instances; with one of the 2 instances of Chmbr Strs using the whole-step/pitched-bend down 200 transpose trick; so that I'm not getting phasing issues with both 2nd Vln patches, which would be my SE Chamber Strs.

    So, if I purchase Vienna Instruments Pro 2, will it be able to allocate those notes to the individual instances in Vienna Ensemble to the correct patch, even if I'm using the whole-step transpose trick for the same note?  It makes sense to me if I'm just using VSL Orc Strs(Vlns 1), and just VSL Chamber Strs(Vlns 2) for only 2 notes in the Vln melodic line. That makes sense. 

    But if I have 2 instance of the SE Chamber Strs for all Vlns 2, and both Chmbr Vlns are playing "E + G" for a C major triad, will Vienna Instruments Pro 2 know how to allocate an "E" for one instance of Chmbr Strs on say midi channel 2, and allocate a "G" for the 2nd instance of Chmbr Strs for midi channel 3 in Vienna Ensemble, with the 2nd instance using the whole-step transpose trick; and Vlns 1 of course playing the "C" of the triad for the VSL Orc Strs on midi channel 1? And of course, I would like to apply this same scenario for the SE Brass, and SE Woodwinds libraries if this is possible.

    Sorry, I know that's a lot I typed, but I wanted to make sure I was explaining myself well, so I wasn't miss informed with my future purchasing decisions.