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  • Plug-in data does not change when changing songs


    Long time VEP user here, but I'm getting a strange behaviour lately. 

    It has always been very easy and intuitive for me working with the VEP in preserved mode. When changing songs, the VEP stayed open and only changes (like volume, patches etc) were re-loaded. 

    When working in my last project, suddenly when loading a Logic song containing VEP instancens, no content was loaded in VEP. I had the VEP mixer interface coming up, but with only one, empty channel, isntead of all my string channels. Luckely I have my instances saved as mframes, so I copuld load that up and re-connect. However, changes in every song, e.g. a setting in a kontakt instrument, would not be stored within the song, so I had to save mframes for each song, and re-load and reconnect every time...

    Now I finished the project and I wanted to dig into this.

    I have since then changed computer and system, and are now trying with the VEP manual before me, to make it work as it used to. But no luck.

    Here it goes:

    Logic 10.2.1 on MAC OS 10.10.5, running latest VEP5.

    I create a song "test", open a VEP (16 channels) and insert a Kontakt instrument on channel 1. I press "preserve" and saves my Logic song. I then make a "save as" and creates the Song "test2", I change the volume on my kontakt instance in VEP (the "master editor volume" saves my Song, the close it.  VEP stays untouched. I open "test1", the "load plugin data" sign on the VEP shows up, but not yellow, only grey. I now expect that VEP will change the "master editor volume" to the same setting as saved with Song "test", but it stays with the setting from "test2". If I click on the "load plugin data" sign, the VEP will relaod the entire project, including samples. 

    If I know close the content (the Kontakt patch) and saves the Song (test), then open "test2" and click the "load plugin data" the volume of the kontakt will change but the content/patch will not load. ??

    Any ideas how I can get it to NOT load unchanged data when shifting between songs using the same "preserved" VEP? Have I completely forgotten how this works ?

    Thanks in advance

    Flemming Nordkrog