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  • How to set up multiple midi output channels with Vienna Ensemble

    Hi, I'm new to using Vienna software and was wondering how to set up seperate midi output channels without having to open multiple instances of Vienna Ensemble in my sequencer. I use FL Studio and only have the free versions of Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble.

  • Hi Ian, 

    If I´m not mistaken, FL Studio does not offer VST3, so I´m afraid you´ll have to open multiple VE instances, as VST2 doesn´t offer multiple MIDI Ports. 

    If you are only referring to MIDI CHANNELs - check out the 2 numbers on top of each mixer channel, that´s the MIDI PRO and MIDI Channel. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    just have to say: FL Studio does support VST3!

    It is possible via MIDI OUT channels to route several VE instruments to individual mix channels(!), but unfortunately only the first MIDI OUT gives sound when choosing it. The others don't.

    Do you have advice on any solution or just a tipp?