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  • A New Human Awareness

    Nothing much to say other than these sounds are insane. Enjoy. ;)


  • Ohh, I forgot to mention the products I've used here:

    Solo Strings I

    Woodwinds I

    Soprano Choir


    Would wish I had Vienna Dimension Strings I, Orchestral Strings Bundle (good for extra articulations I guess), Vienna Dimension Brass I, Brass I and Vienna Choir, but still insanely great sounds.


    I also placed the instruments inside The Sage Gateshead - Hall One with Vienna MIR with a demo license, and made them quite distant I guess to hide the fact I don't have more players.

  • Johannes,

    I enjoyed your piece. It has nice movement and good thematic material. The rendering with VSL is also impressive...esp.nice woodwind runs. Very film score'ish (Thankfully not Zimmer-like, I mean J Williams!)

    The ending was intentionally abrupt?

    Also I must admit I did not like the Sage does something to the sounds.  (i.e., I prefer your earlier version) I felt that way with reverbs so far. Sometimes I feel that I prefer bone dry samples compared to a reverb that spoils the sounds!



  • Hi, agitato!

    I appreciate your feedback. :)

    Actually I don’t listen too much to classical music, but quite recently I have started to compose more and more, together with a desire to create something new with a natural mixture of the elements from different genres expressed as classical music. I’m not going to hide the fact that I was a really big fan of Danny Elfman (still am though), so maybe I’m going to give people like Zimmer and Williams a second chance. ^^, Another inspirational source is Guy Bacos, but I have much more to learn, so better start listening more!

    Yes, the ending was intentionally abrupt, but not necessarily proud of it. I always try to compose as concise as possible. :)

    I can’t argue against your last opinion, so better do it right next time!

  • Sorry, I miss your point when you said " I’m going to give people like Zimmer and Williams a second chance"

    Maybe I didnt convey what I meant...I was implying that your piece sounds more like Williams like since it has more thematic content and does not have the usual 'thump thump' that pervades so many film scores today, thanks to Zimmer!

    I would not even put them side by side....they are completely different. JW is way ahead in terms of classical training and compositional power.  Zimmer is a smart businessman. (not that Williams is short of money!)

    Speaking of classical music, it will really help if you get into it and also study theory composition and harmony. John williams had solid training in classical piano (Juiliard!) and was even a jazz perfomer before he came into film scoring. The classical genre is THE source of all orchestral and tonal music we hear today. Everything else is a copy, some of it good.


  • I got it! After you mentioned his name and listening to him it struck me that there are indeed similarities, but this was not intentional! You simply can’t avoid being inspired, one way or another, by someone without knowing it. It’s inside your meat, so this happens all the time. My point was just that I think I’ve missed them out, and you have something to learn from everybody. Sorry about the confusion. :P

    Really love this, particularly the intro (Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter):

    Thanks again. ^_^

  • Very good orchestral writing and a detailed recording! Just great. A pity that it ends (at all and so suddenly...)


  • Thank you, Max! :D

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