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  • VIPro2 Remote Control App

    Hi there,

    I'd like to use the remote App for controling my sequenzer. I don't own a iPad yet, but this would be a good reason to buy one. Now my question: Can I test the App with my iPhone or my Mac book connected to my iMac? Of course the IPhone's too small but as far as I know the iOS is the same as on the Pad, right?

    And when that's possible, how do I connect my iMac and my iPhone?

    I read the App-Manual and I have enabled remote control and I have the "http://..." Adress that's displayed in VIPro...

    I don't know much about network stuff, so please write the explanation for a 3 year old. ;) 

    I tried to set up a WLAN Network on the iMac and then activated WLAN on the Phone and I connected it to the network but all that I got told was that this network has no internet connection. I don't need a internet connection to use remote control, do I?

    I need some help at this point.

  • Still need some help...

  • Hi Michael, 

    Yes, you can test the connection with your iphone as well. 

    I have actually written the manual for 6 years olds ;-)  => Where are you stuck?
    Feel free to send screenshots to


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    thank's for answering! The problem in my case is that I don't know how to connect my iPhone to my iMac (sounds silly, I know :D )

    In VIPro it's all clear and I have the IP Adress, that's created there for connecting. Do I need to set up a network or do both devices have to be in the same WLAN? I'm not using the latter, cos my music computer is most of the time offline.

    I don't use any cloud stuff or so and my iPhone is normally syncronised with my macbook - that I don't use for production - via cable. (I'm a little old fashioned in this way) 

  • Hi Michael, 

    Both Mac and your portable device need to be connected to the same network. So if your mac is connected to your network and you do have a WLAN connection, you should be able to connect those two. 

    If not, please send me screenshots of your setup, and a short explanation:


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ok, I finally did it. I hope this helps others who come across the same problems.

    I tried to do a "computer to computer" network via WLAN and Ethernet. In both cases it was not possible to open the App on the other device (two macs). But I could access the App in the browser on the same computer I run VIPro on. 

    For I had no WLAN available (only cable) I had to use an old Router as IP-Client to creat a own network. After that all computers (and iPhone) are in the same WLAN (as usual) and - after tweakin' my firewall settings - I can finally use the App on the iPhone. I had to make sure that my computer allows network access from VEPro (Firewall settings).

    After all I'm happy that it worked. Thanks a lot for your support, Paul. And now I'm ready to buy a iPad... :D