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  • Preset available, Matrix not

    Hi Friends,

    after reinstalling my system I can load all my libraries except the Matrix data of the Dimension Strings which I have spread over several SSD disks on my system. What did I do wrong? I dragged and dropped the sections of my dimension libraries to the directory manager but the matrix are greyed out when I try to load them.

    Thanks for helping 


  • It´s even more weird - if I open an old project the samples are there. But if i open a new vienna instrument pro the Dimension Strings are not found - but all my other samples. Now i am downloading dimention strings again to change the amples and rescann the library. 

  • It sounds like you are unfamiliar with the "Disabled Cells" feature of Vienna Instruments Pro. Your matrices are most likely loading with the cells disabled.

    Please see the Vienna Instruments Pro manual, page 3 and page 20, to get an overview of the "Disabled Cells" feature.

    You may force matrices to load enabled (even if they were saved in a disabled state) by activating the setting "Force Enabled Cells".

    The "Enable Cells on Midi Activity" setting will enable a cell as soon as some midi data activates it, a good way of loading only what you need.

  • Hello Martin,

    thank you so much for solving my problem. One question remains: Why are the samples only disabled in the Dimension Strings but not in the other libaries? 


    Best Alfred

  • Hello Sakamoto, 

    All VI PRO presets come with disabled cells, actually.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL