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  • Orchestral Strings no slur patches listed in Mapping Documentation

    Hi. I just got Orchestral Strings 1 & 2 full versions in the end of year sale, (thanks).

    So I have been going through all the patches and setting up my templates.

    I made a list of patches from the documentation that I downloaded. When I looked at what is actually installed I find a few patches that were not listed in the documentation:

    For example in Orchestral Violins:

    10 Perf Interval:  01 VI_14 Perf_Legato_slur

    11 Perf Interval Fast:  01 VI_14 Perf_Legato_fast_slur

    and similar for Violas, Celli etc. Seems to be all the slur patches.

    Did I get the latest version of the documetation?