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  • Ivory II "Slow Disk" dropouts in Vienna Ensemble Pro 5


    I’m getting a “Slow Disk” error when using Ivory II Grand Pianos hosted in Vienna Ensemble Pro 5, causing there to be audio dropouts.  The error and dropouts only happen if Vienna Ensemble Pro isn’t the front application.  Here are my computer specs:
    Mac Pro 4,1
    2.26GHz 8-core
    32GB RAM
    SSDs only
    Mac OS 10.10.5
    Logic 10.2
    Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 (5.4.13888) - installed locally on the same machine
    Latest version of Ivory II Grand Pianos (AU 2.1.3b138 x64 Coa)
    Is there a known issue of this?  Has anyone had any issues like this?
    Thank you for your time.

  • Hi Paul,

    It sounds like there might either be an issue with Ivory's disk streaming threads not having the correct priority, or perhaps an issue with Mac OS X's "App Nap" feature. We disable App Nap for VE Pro, but I have seen one or two cases before, where it helped also explicitly disabling this feature for the application ('Get Info' on the App, then check 'Prevent App Nap')