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  • My new composition with DS and DB

    My new composition usin Dimension Strings and Dimension Brass

  • Hi Michael,


    bed time here in Australia - just went over to vsl to see what's new, and am now listening to your score.


    Sounds great! Very epic sounding - and I really love the sound you have created with DStrings. Fantastic!

    Just love this track!


    thanks for sharing.

    Steve  :-)

  • Steve,

    Thanks for listening to my music.

    I´m glad that you liked it!

  • Hi Michael

    This sounds like you're trying to make an 'epic' hollywood score but it hasn't reached where it needs to reach yet - it doesn't have the power it should have. The bass and trebles aren't loud enough (give those drums and violins a little more than they have right now) and I wanted more reverb in general. Maybe you could have the choir in earlier and have some more deep brass too.

    The outro was a bit of a let down. How about a real climax?

    It certainly isn't bad. The bones are there. It just needs some work on top of it.

    P.S. I listened to some of your other tracks and liked them.

  • Thanks for your comments. 

    That´s the most loud i can get using cubase plug ins! 

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