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  • Dimension Player Noises & FX

    Hi all,

    I am wondering how the rest of the VSL community with Dimension libraries use the player noises and fx?

    I have DS and have tried a few different setups in my templates, each with varying success of realism. I have tried putting the player noises in the second slot in the matrix and used the slot-xf to control the volume. This worked quite well. I found that to have it on only some players was good too.

    I've also tried creating player noises and fx as it's own VE instance, and playing them "randomly". I find that when they are linked to an instrument, they can become repetitive if not organised the right way. Doing this completely seperates them from repetition in the music, but I feel perhaps defeats some of the purpose.

    It is a great feature and I'm just wondering, if you use it, how do you organise yours?

  • Really?! No-one uses the player fx?