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  • How to get realistic Hornsound ?

    Hi Guys, after listening to this beautiful Duets over and over again, I ask how to realize this, What is the Main Ingredient for realistic Horns ?

  • Hi,


    These are not the 'modern' orchestral horns provided by Vienna. They are the ancient 'natural' horns which were very complicated to play. The sound is partly due to hand action in the bell. That was necessary, because the horns didn't have any valves. Every tone was to be made by hand stopping and natural harmonics. The sound is more like the hunting horn.


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    i completly agree with Max's answer. The ancient instruments are often richer in harmonics and the sound is quite different (especially true for strings, brass ...). However, a possibility to change the sound and add harmonics is to use an "exciter" like the Vienna Suite one. You should have good results with this trick. Of course, it will affect just the sound, not the pitch, which is an important point in the particular color of the recording which you are refering.




    Thank You Guys, What I discovered is that the Tenor Trombone while Velocity Crossfade is on high level, that "dirty, driving" characteristics is there, but when I make that with the Vienna Solo Horn I miss that  I like the clean Sound of Vienna Solo Horn and tried combining Solo Horn with Epic Horns in One Patch, but there is too much indifferences. I learned both standing for Themselves as One Instrument.


  • Make sure that horns doesnt start to play at same time and be aware that horns are litlle bit out of tune all of the time even in best orchestras (humanize function is must here)

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