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    Hi Guys, here are some short Pieces

    a short Intro

    a beautiful mind

    Thriller Sequence



  • Good stuff! There were lots of things in these pieces that I'd have difficulty making myself.

    My (uninformed) thoughts:

    I thought the 1st piece needed a bigger climax at 8/9 seconds. As it is right now, it's slightly underwhelming. Also I wanted the outro after the climax to be slightly slower and more gradual.

    The End of "A Beautiful Mind" was a bit sudden. Think you should have kept it going for another second or two.

    I was wondering for "Thriller Sequence" how it'd sound with some percussion underneath - maybe a timpani (though if this is someone else's score I guess you can't an instrument they haven't added themselves).

    Best Wishes



    Thank You Yacob,


    The short Intro is a attempt for making a big Sound, and Im over that point and can say yes its possible making big epic Soundtracks with VSL. I used the offer and purchased Appassionata Strings I and using them as the basis and for the finer Notes Dimension Strings. I will go on that Piece

    The End of Beautiful Mind, Yes there are Couple of Seconds missing. Because when I noticed something dont sound right I sort it out or making a alternative, but I dont want to mess up such great Filmmusic. I think how the Solo Voices would fit in, I used Soprano Choir ahh Samples

    Thriller Sequence is from myself, I tried for imitating that Sound heared in "Inception", a long Horn/Brass Swell. But I have major Issues with this one when it comes with mixing. The Frequencies are messed up quickly.


    What You mean by saying you have difficulties making yourself ? Im not a Pro but I have fun, and when I hear that nice VSL Sound, that is what we are all like , or ? ;)



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    @mw design said:


    What You mean by saying you have difficulties making yourself ? Im not a Pro but I have fun, and when I hear that nice VSL Sound, that is what we are all like , or ? 😉


    I have difficulty keeping away from structure. I feel I am sometimes too formulaic in my music (rely on 4/4 timing, repeat melodies too often) so it's nice for me to hear bits in music one wouldn't expect.


    I think Repetition is important when it comes to making a solid melody.  I like when one Melody is repeated by different Instruments Because this give me the impression that the whole Orchestra cares about the melody and that a single player is valued because of his capability of playing Notes in one Instance.

  • Journey to the Island

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    Hello, MW Design!

    I'm getting a message, that the videos are unavailable. 😔

    Could it be a copyright issue? I am in the Caribbean. 

  • Hi, I have made Changes on the old Acoount on Google so the whole Channel was set to private and nobody cant access the Channel. So I decided to make a new Account. The Videos are unavailable because they were deleted by me.

    Here is my new Channel




  • Thank you! Will you be reposting the pieces at the top of the thread?

  • Thank You, Yes i repost them as soon as I finished them.

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    O.K. 👍

  • I think working on 20 Seconds Pieces more effective at the Moment. Because I focus all the Energy to fill the 20 Seconds Piece. I also testing best Reverb Settings which ofcourse depends on Writing Skills. So here Im using MIRx The Sage Gateshead and Virtual Soundstage for extra Positioning..I found out the Decca Tree Mic is best for Big Ensemblesounds.

  • and a Remix of the Nutcracker Suite.

    The Task on this Piece is to have a great Balance between the Instruments. Because the Woodwinds playing the Main Melody for a short Time, they need to be sounding great in Terms of Articulation, Expression and Arrangement.

  • Performance of Mozart - Magic Flute - Song called the Birdcatcher

  • Another Short Introsound Iam working on using MIRx Teldex Studios and Virtual Soundstage.

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