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  • Moving Libraries and Software to a MAC

    1.  If I wanted to switch from PC to a MAC, how would licensing be handled?  Would I have to reinstall the samples, or could I just bring them over.

    2.  Would I have to repurchase the software (player, Vienna Suite) when going to the Mac version?

    1. Copy sample drives to Mac
    2. Download and install all software, including eLicenser
    3. Plug in dongle
    4. Run Directory Manager
    5. Done

    The only thing that I don't know is how you transfer your User data...


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    Your VI / VI PRO custom presets are stored in your VSL Custom Data Folder, the location is shown in your Directory Manager. Make sure to copy this folder to your new computer.

    I can see that you have the Vienna Suite as well, same procedure here.

    The default path for the Preset Folder is (see page 5 in the Vienna Suite manual):

    Windows XP: Documents and Settings/[YourName]/Application Data/Vienna Suite Presets/[PluginName]
    Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10: [YourName]/AppData/Roaming/Vienna Suite Presets/[PluginName]
    OS X: [Macintosh HD]/Shared Items/Vienna Suite Presets/[PluginName]


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes!  It all worked!

    I am now running on a new Mac Pro with OS X El Capitan.  Thanks for the advice.