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  • Host and Midi Automation Double Mapping

    Hi all,

    I've done a good bit of googling, reading, and experimenting on this, and I'd just like to confirm that if I have Kontakt libraries like Output's Signal, Rev, or Exhale which have tons of pre-mapped Host Automation in Kontakt, I'll need to set that same automation manually using the VEP automation mapping interface.

    This is extremely counter-intuitive for me, so I'm hoping and praying it's not the case.  If not, I reckon the solution would be just to run an instance of Kontakt directly in my DAW for just those libraries which have the loads of host automation so that I can access it directly within Kontakt...

    One last question:  I haven't experimented with MIDI CC mappings yet, but I'm assuming it's the same situation?  So, if I have Omnisphere inside of VEP, and I want to MIDI-learn one of its parameters, are we essentially talking about two learns?  One learn in VEP for the Omnisphere parameter and MIDI controller, and then a second learn for the CC in the DAW from a MIDI controller?

    Thanks very much for reading.