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  • Waves Element 2.0 issue with VEP

    Anyone having trouble running the new Waves Element 2.x in VEP? Previous version ran fine, but since the upgrade no LFO light are burning, no sound, etc. Any workarounds?

    I'm running VEP in server mode btw.

    Same thing for Codex with the new Waves version


  • I have the same. Mac Os 10.10.5, VEP5 5.4.14074 and Waves Element 2 last version not working.

  • This is the reaction (about a month ago) from VSL support:

    Your problem has been resolved for the next iteration of VE Pro, but I am afraid the fix will most likely not be implemented in the upcoming couple of maintenance updates, since it required a fundamental alteration of plug-in handling in VE Pro.

    Sorry for not having better news at the moment...