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  • From NES Chiptunes to VSL small ensemble...

    Here's a chiptune rearrangement I recently wrapped up; I'm happy to say that the good ol' VSL winds actually fooled a few listeners into thinking I'd done live recording.


    I'll be polishing this up soon, so any advice from people on how to get a better sound would be much appreciated!

  • Your hyperlink doesn't take people to the track. I had to copy-and-paste the text into my browser to get the there.

    Your music: I'd suggest making it fuller. Get more instruments in there doubling the instruments you already have. As this is for something set in space I wanted the track to sound more mysterious, distant, beautiful and exciting. If I were you I'd definutely get some strings in there.

    For the record, I'm not familar with the original game or its music so maybe I'm a little off in my criticism.

    Best Wishes


  • Yes, something's wrong with the link, had to copy-paste it as well.

    Now that was strange. I can't really remember playing this game as a kid. But I instantly, vividly remembered that sweet music the moment I played your track. How pleasantly nostalgic.

    I think the track could use more reverb, more lushness.  And I would have expected that kind of  sheen that high strings are able to provide, perhaps from 0:35 on, but at the latest at 0:49.

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