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  • Installation on new computer

    I first began using Special Edition + in 2008. Since then I've added the Brass 1 and Percussion modules. I'm now re-installing on a new computer. I've successfully downloaded the elicenser Control Center, the Download Manager, Vienna Ensemble and all the data files. When I click on Install in the Download Manager, it tells me to make sure that the Vienna Key/USB eLicenser containing a valid license is inserted, which it is. In the Control Center I see all of my licenses but the "Enter Activation Code" button is active. I haven't any idea where to find the activation code. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks.

  • Go to «MyVSL»

    At left choose: «MyPRODUCTS»

    At the left of all serial Number you see a «i» for information,

    Click on that «i», a window will appear with :

    Product: - name -

    Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Activation Code: xxxx xxxxx  xxxx  xxxxx 


    Just copy / paste what you need...




    Hope to help.

  • Alain, thank you for your reply. In the location you mention, for the Vienna Key I see a serial number and a registration date, but not an activation number. 

  • You can only use an activation code once. If you have already used it and the licenses are on your dongle, you don't need to enter it again.