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  • [SOLVED] Ensemble 5 - Incoming Project Data Behavior


    I'm running Ensemble 5 and Logic X (latest updates) and I'm running 16 Instances of Ensemble Pro (each with one instance of Kontakt inside that has 16 instruments loaded).

    Now I have two different projects and for example only one Kontakt instrument within those 16 preserved instances of Ensembel is different.

    I always thought there's a way to force Ensemble only to load/update (Kontakt)Instruments, that are different from the (Logic-)project that I loaded before I oad a new project...

    There's the tab for "Incoming Project Data Behavior" in "Preferences":

    If I choose "Ask": it's very hard to keep track where there is an instance of Ensemble containing an instance of Kontakt that has a different instrument on one channel.

    If I choose "always load": unnecessarily ALL the Kontakt-Instruments in ALL  16 instances of Ensemble are loaded from scratch (=> huge loss of time).

    I always thought there was an approach that made it possible to keep all the common instruments of two projects and automatically only load the ones that are different. Am I wrong?