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  • Digital Performer 8 and VIPro


    I am having great success using my VSL libraries with Finale 2014.5 - very responsive. But I am not having equal success with Digital Performer 8 and VSL. I am looking for advice as to the Studio settings and audio settings for DP8 that will make things better. At present I am experiencing a lot of latency. I have been through the DP manual to look for advice there and also read the DP advice re: changing the audio plug-in preferences in DP. But I'm not having much luck. 

    All advice is appreciated.


  • Hello Paul, 

    Please make sure that you have deactivated Pre-Gen Mode in the Audio Plug-In real-time preferences in DP (set it to "Virtual Instruments in Real-time" or "All plug-ins in Real-time", depending on the DP version you are using, instead!). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL