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  • Mixing libraries ... J.S.BACH Violin sonata BWV 1018

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    New baroque test with JSB : 3 instruments, 3 different libraries, including VSL Harpsichord. Mixed in Mir Pro + Altiverb.

    BWV 1018 second mouvement

    Enjoy !

    Very Best.


  • Hi Philippe,

    While selecting recipes for the Sylvester meal, I was glad to encounter your new production. Very beautiful music and wel recorded as usual. The interpretation is flawless and crisp! The choice of instruments is a matter of taste. As I said before, I like the Emotional Cello a lot. The harpsichord is very familiar and always top. The violin however is not really my favourite. I like the VSL solo violin better (more expressive and more detailed nuances). I understand that you're looking and hoping for a better equivalent for the baroque violin and bowing and that VSL should meet that request one day. Let's say that it would serve a lot of Vienna users...

    But of course, that's only my opinion and doesn't in any way say anything about the qualoty of your splendid work.

    All the best,


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    Hi Max,

    thanks for your comments.

    The virharmonic violin is an intersting instrument, less powerful than the Vienna Solo Strings, but with good sound and very good playability (the violin is played live here ...). I had the instrument from 2 days when i did this little test. Sure we can do much better with it.

    I competly agree with you that a good baroque strings library (solo and chamber)  would be an amazing complement to the VSL strings, and not only for baroque players : rich and light sound, more harmonics,  new articulations... The new year is coming : we can dream a little๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽต๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    On this last day of 2015, i wish you an Happy and healthy new year, full of new projects of music   !!!!

    Friendly yours.


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    This performance sounds excellent. Though I also wonder how the VSL violin would sound, perhaps using the non-vibrato patches.  I have the Virharmonic violin which has a very good basic sound but does not have the wide-range and adaptability of Vienna Instruments.  To be very demanding Philippe, I would like to hear this with VSL solo violin. ๐Ÿค”  

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