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  • eLicencer Issue


    i'm searching to install VSL and the USBkey don't appear in the eLicencer. It says 'No eLicencer connected on the computer'.

    I have the serial number and the activation code of my 'Special Edition Vol 1'.

    I've received a USB device 'Best Service' send by Thomann (i bought my product on this website).

    I made the upgrades of eLicencer and tried on an other computer.

    I don't understand where is the problem... Could you help me please ?


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    Hello filitosa,

    Did you try to connect your USB eLicenser key to different USB ports on your computer?

    Which OS are you working on, which hardware are you using?

    Do you see a red LED shine when you connect your USB eLicenser key?

    The latest version of the eLicenser Control Center is also important!

    Thanks for the additional information.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL