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  • EQ per isntrument vs EQ on Bus/FX channel


    I am wondering.  I have 8 VI Pro instances inside VE Pro for Dimension Strings Violins.  I normally put 1 EQ on every single instance, and the setting is the exact same for all 8.  So 8 exact same EQ's on 8 seperate instances of VI Pro within VE Pro.

    If I decided to just put 1 instance of the exact same EQ on a Bus channel or FX Channel and send all 8 instances to that summed channel would I get exactly the same EQ'd results as I do right now with 8 seperate instances?

    **Same question with exciter, power pan** All VSL plugins.



  • Any linear, time-invariant effect will give you identical results when applied to a sum of instruments instead of the individual signal sources. Any processing that uses some kind of modulation and/or non-linear effects will give you different results.

    Vinna Suite's EQs are linear, time-invariant effects, thus it doesn't matter whether you apply them to the single tracks or a sub mix. 


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz,

    As usual thanks so much for your detailed great response.  Could I please bother you for clarification on which VSL Plugs are affected by this please ?  I am making new templates and finding I am way over-using plugins and I can recover a ton of CPU and RAM power by minizing this within VE Pro using bus/fx channels.

    Maybe if it's easier for you, please only list the VSL Plugins that I DO need to be concerned with throwing only one on a bus.  That way I know I can do single instances without concern of anything not listed.



  • Well - the rule-of-thumb is easy to remember: As far as Vienna Suite (Pro) is concerned, everything else than an EQ will lead to different results on a single channel, compared to the same plug-in using identical settings on a sub-mix of several sources.

    From a technical point-of-view, VS Convolution Reverb would give you identical results, too, assuming that there are no individual pannings for any of the input sources (which is highly unlikely). In the same vein, VS Powerpan would give you identical results as long as you don't pan anything. ;-D

    Every dynamics processor (i.e. VS Compressor, Limiter, Multiband), every modulating plug-in (in our case VS Hybrid Reverb), and of course every processor that uses any kind of saturation or distortion (e.g. VS Exciter) can't be replaced by an "overall" processor on a submix (with the possible exception of some academic examples with little or no practical use whatsoever).

    Sidenote: As soon as you use EQs or filters _before_ their output is fed into a modulating and/or time-variant process on individual signals' channels, they can't be replaced by an "overall"-EQ or filter in a bus channel either, for obvious reasons. :-)


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Wow thanks Dietz that was a great and undestandable answer!  That has really cleared up some things for me and will save me some resources!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and the rest of the VSL Team!