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  • Harp sample tuning

    I can't imagine I'm the only person to have noticed that the harp 1 samples are actually quite out of tuning, and that the pitch rises markedly on the sustain on several notes (eg D below middle C). It goes up by almost a semitone I'd say. I'm relatively new to VSL so is there any way that notes can be tuned individually, and that the rise in pitch on held notes can be stopped?

  • The harp 1 is not out of tune.  I have used it on many performances, and had no problem with the tuning.  It doesn't go anywhere near a semitone out of tune - that is unuseable, so you probably have a MIDI error in your system that is causing this. 

  • OK. I had a friend (whose judgment I trust) hear it, and she wasn't bothered. Sounds like I over-reacted!

  • Welcome CliveW,

    is there a chance that you supply us with an audio-example of the notes that bother you? I don't think that there's a tuning-issue with the samples themselves, but maybe something else goes wrong on your system.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library