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  • Gift Cards


    Every year, during this time, I get pleanty of Visa gift cards, which I would love to use for buying VSL products. Unfortunately, it seems from last year they don't work due to the fact the company is not located in the US. Any plans to upgrade your payment system to accept Visa gift cards? I prefer purchasing things directly from VSL rather than going to other distributors.

  • Hello Nektarios,

    Great to hear that you'd like to spend your Visa gift cards with us!
    I'm afraid that it's not possible for us to include a US payment provider, mainly for legal reasons. Also, it seems that Visa Europe generally doesn't accept online charges of gift cards, also with european Visa gift cards.

    However, we did make some changes to our payment system in the past few months. One includes that once online credit card payment fails initially, you can also select a new option to pay via credit card in our back office. This way your order will be processed manually, and chances are that maybe we can accept credit cards this way if online payment fails. In your case this seems unlikely however, for the reasons stated above - but you can of course always give it a try.

    Another idea would be to link your Visa gift cards to your PayPal account, and pay via PayPal in our web shop...
    Please let me know if any of these hints work. In any case, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

    Best, Stefan


    Thank you Stefan. I believe using Paypal with my gift cards works. The only issue is that I will need multiple transactions, as each gift card is $150. For instance, if my order is $750, I will need 5 transaction of $150 each. Again, I will have to verify this as they may pass through the transaction.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you as well!



  • I take it back, I don't think PayPal will work. I believe I tried it last year and it failed.

  • Hi Nektatrios,

    First, please excuse the delayed reply over the Christmas holidays. I didn't see an order for you, so I believe the problem persists? I can offer you to try charging your credit card in our back office, like mentioned in my last post. But again, according to the information that I have, Visa Europe unfortunately generally doesn't accept gift cards, unfortunately.


  • Thanks Stefan, I haven't placed any order yet as I was waiting for the gift cards.. I was just speaking from my last year experience.

    Now that I have them, they explicitly mention that they cannot be used internationally... Oh well.

    In any case, I do plan to place an order soon for Dimension Strings II...



  • Hi Nektarios,

    I'm sorry to hear about that. Let me know if I can be of any further help, and I hope you'll enjoy our Dimension Strings II soon! ;-)