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  • Vienna MIR PRO's Sage Gateshead Hall Two - a chamber ensemble demo

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    Dear forum members,

    following the link below you can listen to a production of an older piece of mine, Un Tango En Tres Fragmentos (a tango in three fragments). The piece is scored for clarinet, horn, bandoneon (Argentinian accordion used in tango), piano, two violins, cello and double bass.

    I always found the sound of Sage Gateshead's Hall Two to be extremely well suited for all sorts of chamber ensembles, so this time I wanted to see how well the venue would do when it comes to spatial unification of instruments from different manufacturers - I took Native Instruments' The Giant for the piano part and Eduardo Tarilonte's Accordions for the bandonen part. Clarinet, horn and the strings are VSL.

    The result was very much to my liking, I hope you'll enjoy it as well:

    Important for Vienna Training Center participants and alumnae/alumni: a VEP project file for this piece will be released as this year's third major VTC bonus project.

    As usual, you'll get access to all the files (MIDI file, tempo track, VEP project file, prerecorded audio files and the pdf score) and the belonging course material in your Audiocation online area.

    Last but not least: 2016 will be a year of VSL string ensembles - all VTC bonus projects released in 2016 will deal with setting up string ensembles of very different sorts and sizes using the combined power of Vienna MIR PRO, Vienna Suite (PRO) & VSL string libraries (Solo Strings, Chamber Strings, Orchestral Strings and Dimension Strings). You will receive VEP templates for your VSL string productions for chamber ensembles, chamber strings orchestra sections and large (symphony orchestra) string sections, including those for intricate divisi writing.

    With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,