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  • Solo String sound

    Hi all ...

    I'm hoping there is a simple solution/something I'm overlooking: When I play the susVib sample set of the solo strings patches (notably here, the solo violin), it seems to me that the patch sounds "doubled." Certainly not like a clean solo sound ... No efx on, running from ProTools 12.3 to EnsemblePro, using InstrumentsPro instance.  Very odd. I was using the special editions version, and those solo instruments sound def "solo." Am I missing a setting or something? The sounds simply don't sound solo.  Some patches (stacc, port, trem) do infact sound like one player.  Any thoughts?


    Any ideas are appreciated ...


    Steve Bishop

  • Hi Steve, 

    My guess: You activated Velocity Xfade and the slider is right at the crossfade position between 2 velocity layers. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.  I will give that a try in session tomorrow.