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  • Vienna Enssemble Pro & Logic Multiport 1 x 16 Port HELP PLEASE!

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    i´ve just spent one day configuring a new template in logic x using the multiport 1 x 16 ports enviorment from vsl.

    when i was almost finished (everything worked fine, all ports and midi channel react to the right instrument) i wanted to setup the outputs in logic by pressing the little ± sign right next to the vienna enssemble pro channel, to create 30 outputs. When i do this the whole enviorment seems to crash... every port is only playing the first midichannel now....I tested it  already - everything is fine till i create a new output for vepro in logic. Please can anybody help me??? i feel like it was a major waste of time configuring this the whole day. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!😕