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  • Migrate to new Hard Drive

    I bought a SSD to replace my HDD my OS/Programs live on. I'm not transferring everything directly as the old drive is quite bloated.

    What do I need to do to get the the standalone and VST set up on the new drive, and to point back to the samples still installed on my samples drive? Do I have to delete the program on the old drive? Thanks very much, Shep

  • I got both Vienna instruments, Vienna Instruments Pro, and the VST's installed and pointed to the samples using the directory. But I'm unable to get all the presets I previous made back in the GUI to load, though they're listed in the Directory, and i can see them in the file folder.


    Further, I've not been able to get the standardVienna Instruments plugin to load up in an existing Sonar Platinum project. The Pro loads fine.

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    First (as you´ve done already) open the Directory Manager (find it in "Applications" (OS X) or "All Programs" (Win) => then "Vienna Instruments").

    Remove all folders - then add all sample content again by drag and drop from your Finder/Explorer.

    More information about how the Directory Manager works can be found in the video "How to use the Directory Manager".

    The Directory Manager also controls the Custom Data Folder. Copy the contents from the old location to the new location, then your custom presets will show up in VI/VI PRO again.

    Any troubles: Please send a few screenshots to


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL