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  • Sample streaming slave 2016?

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    I might get a new slave for VEP5 next year. I've built PCs for years now, but I'm a bit unsure what components I should get for a optimal sample streaming DAW. I'm not going to mix or use a lot of plugins inside Vienna Ensemble, mainly Virtual Stage panning and maybe few EQs. Main usage is getting those orchestral samples stream fast with high polyphony. Challenge is to find right components for a great real time performance - there are no tests however to showcase this, only vague CPU scores.

    So now I've been looking this kind of build:

    • Asrock Z170 Extreme7+ Motherboard
    • Intel Skylake i5-6600K, 3,5Ghz
    • Corsair 32GB (4 X 8GB) Vengeance LPX Black DDR 4, 2400Mhz
    • Samsung 128 GB 850 PRO (for OS, VEP5 and handful of plugins)
    • 3 X Samsung 512GB 950 PRO M.2 SSD (2500/1500 MB/s) Link
    • Seasonic 520W P-520FL 80Plus Platinum, Passive. Newegg
    • Fractal Design Define R5
    • Thermalright Macho Zero 140 Processor Cooler
    • Microsoft Windows 10

    Any suggestions or comments? I think those new M.2 drives might be interesting to try out, insane read speeds. Later on I can buy more ssds or even a PCI-e ssd and upgrade the ram to 64GB if needed. Build's price is roughly ~2010 EUR. I would be happy to hear user experiences if you have been using similar CPUs or drives. Thank you!

  • Hi Tabbu,

    I am in a similar exploration at the moment. Your setting seems to be a fine solution, especially focusing on the silence part of the machine. I wonder why you are going for i5 series processor rather than explore i7? Processing power seems to be important in running multi-channel setting with VSTs.

    You mention you want to run it as slave. Would it be more reasonable to run everything on the same machine, including the sequencer?



  • Yes, I think I'll take the i7 instead. I thought that i5 had the same thread amount, but this is not the case.

    I have already a computer for Cubase and looking for extra horsepower for a bigger templates.

  • Yes, that makes sense. I definitely suggest to go for i7, and probably wait for January as they are planning a new launch, so prices can become more attractive. 

  • Yeah and also bigger 1TB capacity M.2 drives are released early 2016:

    So maybe it's wise to wait until Q1 2016. Would like to see the LGA 2011-3 platform adopt 3 x M.2 drives options as well. It was one of the main reasons I went for this board and CPU.

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  • There is some rumor about bad DPC latency and PCI-E SSD drives.