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    Here is an example of an album of highly varied cues using VSL alone. It was based on the "Wolfman" score I did for the Warner Music/VSL competition, which I expanded into longer tracks then added new material. It is mainly Appassionata strings, brass, percussion and the choir. The mix is MIR Vienna Konzerthaus conductor's position with some added Lexicon reverb.

  • Masterful work, William, in every respect. Congratulations!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks a lot Dietz.  It was a great pleasure using MIR and VSL on this. 

  • Hi William,

    So far I didn't listen to all of the cues but one things is for sure: they are magnificent. Masterpieces truly. I can imagine that it was a huge amount of work to get this extremely effective result, not only from the technical point of view but also from the composer's angle. It takes a lot of imagination to create the necessary effects without copying other pieces of that genre. So strong and powerful, so brilliantly recorded! I will certainly listen to all the other pieces.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Thanks Max, I appreciate hearing from you.

  • Man, these are GREAT--both sonically and musically! Dig the balance between eeriness and beauty... I still have a few more to listen to, but mighty amazing!! Nice kind of nightmares to have, lol! Strings, harp, glockenspiel, vibraphone, horns, winds, voices... GORGEOUS! And amazing realism.

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    HI William,

    everything has been said : amazing job, delightly creepy and scary 😉. I like it much. The reverb is just perfect for that repertoire. Bravo !

  • Philippe and Dale, thanks for listening. 

    I feel inspired to post things here because of hearing all the great performances put on this Forum. 

  • Just finished listening. I have an urge to keep a shot gun by my bed tonight, scary! 

    Congratulations William for this massive achievement! I could just imagine how much work this must of been. Amazing that this is all done with virtual instruments. I appreciated how you captured different moods within the horror line, and the various influences of the greats of the past. I'm sure you'll be able to license these cues. What compelled you to do a large scale horror project?  

  • Thanks very much Guy!  Being a huge fan of your music I really appreciate hearing from you.  The origin of this was in the Wolfman suite I did for the VSL /Warner competition, and Production Music Online liked that, so I expanded it.  

  • Hi William,

    congratulations to your excellent work. I enjoyed your music, renditions and mixes. Sonic clarity is impressive... what struck me is the cinematic impact of percussion towards the end of the 2nd Cue.

    Best regards


  • Wow, amazing work William! So perfectly programmed and mixed. It really feels like there is a live orchestra playing. Masterful!

  • Thanks a lot Nektarios and Francesco!

    This forum has a  lot of very talented people and I really appreciate the opportunity to have things heard here.

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