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  • Re-Routing/Revamping My VEP Setup (HELP PLEASE)

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    Hello All!

    So I have been using Logic (currently running 10.2) and VSL products for a number of years now and I have upgraded my set up a number of times as well. I am in the process of revamping my orchestral template as I had recently discovered a new way of routing all of my instruments/instances of VEP 5. For a couple of years, I have been using the method described in this video, 

    (I've always been a fan of simple to understand instructions like this 😊) But the more I add to the template, the more and more CPU heavy this becomes. I recently spent time at a film music studio in LA and all of the composers there used a method that was something like this, and please forget how vague and very ammatuerish my description may sound. 

    Instead of creating a Multi-timbral software instrument, they would create one midi track, and then connect it to an instance of VEP 5. They would then go into the midi environment and create a multi instrument and open up all of its channels. They would then create additional midi tracks and connect them to the multi instrument created within the midi environment and for each instance of VEP they had, they would route each one to seperate output. Currently in my template I Have 4 Instances of VEP 5 (Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Percussion) each hosting VIP instruments. I am not running a slave computer, but running everything domestically as my setup is not heavy enough to require more computer than I have. (That and I am also a broke college student)

    Basically my big, super amatuerish question is how exactly do I route my 4 instances of VEP 5 into Logic WITHOUT using the method of Multi-Timbral software instruments described in the official VSL videos. I would love the help guys, as this one has been giving me a pretty big headache.



  • Are you actually talking about using the method of creating multitimbral software instruments that works thus:

    - Create single software instrument track

    - Instantiate VEPro 16x multitimb instrument

    - Go to Logic mixer

    - Click on your software intstrument track's plus icon 15 times

    - Select all 15 tracks and then choose "create track" from the mixer menu (which adds all those tracks to the main window)


    Couple of points:

    - There is no need to go the environment unless you have some specific custom needs

    - You will get better performance by using more VEPro/Kontakt instances i.e. splitting up your sections