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  • Control VI with Midi cc


    VI pro Manual indicates that there are pre-assigned midi cc mapping as default.
    Volume: CC7
    Expression: CC11
    Master Attack: CC22
    Master Release: CC23
    Pitch: Wheel
    Master Filter: CC24
    Slot XF: CC20
    Velocity XF: CC2
    Velocity XF On/Off: CC28
    RSamp On/Off: CC29
    Delay Scaler: CC25
    Tuning Scaler: CC26
    Humanize: CC27
    Dynamics Scaler: CC30
    Start Scaler: CC21
    Reverb Wet: CC14
    Reverb On/Off: CC15

    However, if I send CC28 with 127 to turn on Velocity XF and modify CC2 during sustain for velocity cross fade, nothing happens.
    Is there something I have to set up every time i load a preset? I thought it would just work for all the preset since they are default map.
    CC15 for reverb on/off and CC14 for reverb wet don't seem to do anything either. CC 11 seems to work though.