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  • (Solved) VEPRO Plug in Window to small in Cubase 7 - Cant Connect

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    when i try to open the VEPRO Plug in- Window in Cubase 7.0.7, to connect to the VEPRO Instances there only appears a very small window. The window can not be resized. So it is not ,possible to connect it. It seems that this Problem exist only with the VST3 Version of the Plug in.

    Here is a Picture withe the Problem

    Klick me

    I hope someone can help.


  • Hi Torsten, 

    I think I have seen that before. Did you try a new installation yet? Also, did you change any graphics settings (fonts etc.)?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi,

    i was able to solve the Problem.

    I´m using a Novation Impulse Masterkeyboard, with "Automap"- Software. This Software allows you to control Plug in parameters via Masterkeyboard.

    However, this software creates a new Plug in Dll of each Plug in it locates. Cubase was using this dll and didn´t show up the original dll.

    After deleting the dll, Automap createtd and a restart everything was fine.