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  • Most efficient way of running Logic Pro X and VEPro 5

    I’ve been using VEPro since it came out. 

    I am running VEPro 5 and Logic Pro X 10.2 on a 2 x 3.33 GHz 6 core Intex Xeon. I run the server on the same machine as Logic.

     The way I have been using VEPro is to instanciate an instance of the Vienna Ensemble Pro plugin within Logic for each set of 16 MIDI instruments I wish to use. The result is a separate instance within VEPro for each set of 16 MIDI instruments.

    This has worked well for me so far and I have been able to run very large templates with this approach.

    I have been looking at the template file that is referred to on page 45 of the manual under the heading Multiple MIDI Ports in Logic Pro X - A Different Approach.

    If I were to use this template, will I get any performance or efficiency gains over the method I have been using in the past?

    Are there any clear advantages to using this approach over the method I have been using?

    Am I correct that it is not recommened that Logic users use the Event Input plugin as a way of addressing more than 16 MIDI channels within a single instance of VEPro?