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  • Vienna Ensamble Pro 5 Newbie Questions

    I have Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 (VEP) but have not used it yet.  So far I've been using VSL instruments and my other virtual instruments (VIs) with my iMac.  My VSL and other VIs are located on a number of external hard drives connected to my iMac.  I'm running El Capitan and Digital Performer (DP) 9.

    The reason I got VEP is because I understand that it will enable me to efficiently play more plugins at the same time without requiring me to bounce or freeze tracks and not strain my computer memory and risk crashing.

    I will soon be adding another Mac computer to the mix and then I will begin to use VEP.  My iMac will become my Master computer running DP.  My new Mac will become the Slave computer which I will use as the VEP server.

    My two questions are:

    1) Will I need to get another ViennaKey for the new Mac to use it as the VEP Slave Server?

    2) Considering the reason why I'm setting up VEP with these two computers, would it make more sense to keep the external hard drives with the VIs on them connected to the iMac Master computer as they currently are or would it make more sense to connect the external hard drives to the Slave Mac?  Which is better?

    Please advise.  Thanks!

  • If you are actually using VE Pro on the master, as opposed to merely connecting to its server as a plugin, you'll need to deploy 2 keys. The samples drives will need to belong to the slave. You don't have to wait, you can use VE Pro on the one machine, if it's strong enough. Called 'local host'.