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  • Vienna MIR usable on what else ?

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    I'd like to know if I can use MIR as reverb plugin in some other else application than Vienna Instrument ?

    Is it usable in Vienna Ensemble Pro ? Cause I don't find how...😕


    Thanks for help !😊

  • Hi JoPo,

    If you mean MIR Pro, then the answer is: Yes, it can be used on any signal source you like, either as highly integrated part VE Pro, or (with a slightly different feature set) as a more conventional plug-in inside the DAW of your choice.

    If you're talking about MIRx, then the answer is: No, MIRx is an add-on (eXtension) for Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro only. It can't be used seperately.

    MIR Pro: ->

    MIRx: ->

    MIRx is "just" an extensive collection of hand-made, instrument-specific presets derived directly from the "mothership" MIR Pro. All these settings are available in MIR Pro, too, where they can be modified individually, while they can't be edited further in MIRx.

    You should get demo licenses for each of the two, to find out which one fits your needs best. If you just want to explore the possibilities further, don't miss the tutorial videos available on this website.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Very clear... Thanks a lot !


    If I may just add here that MIR Pro is indeed amazing for other sources. One have to take a bit more care in the setup of presets and general mixing, but it can do an amazing job of making sure samples from many different sources sound really good an coherent.

  • Agreed, MIR plus anything wet can be made to sound good and MIR plus anything dry is instant beauty.  Even the painfully dry sounds such as SampleModeling takes very little work to sound great thanks to MIR.  I've never used another plugin like it.