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  • Vienna ensemble pro & lost plugins


    I'm on W7 64bit. I added all folder in my pc containing vst .dll. (There is no that much...) But VEP doesn't 'see' some plugins. For instance, Absynth doesn't appear and there is a lot of other.

    Why ? How is it possible ? Asynth is 'seen' by all other vst application in my pc.

    Thanks for help !

  • Hi JoPro, 

    Did you check that the VST Plug-in folders for 32 AND 64 bit plug-ins are assigned in VE PRO?

    32 bit VE PRO only sees 32 bit plug-ins.
    64 bit VE PRO only sees 64 bit plug-ins. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ah.. Ok.. I understand, now.. Pity !

  • Not a problem though, as you can use both 32bit and 64bit servers at the same time.


  • Oh ! I didn't realize that ! Awesome !

  • VEP5 also can't use VST3 plugins....