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  • Logic & AU3?



    I've just been reading about the latest developments in Apple adopting the AU3 standard in El Capitan. I'm a Logic 10.2 user as well as a VEP owner and had been toying with the idea of adopting the Multiport Template as I am using quite a few slave machines and it makes sense. 

    My question is if AU 3 is up and running in El Capitan, working with VE PRO and Logic 10.2? 

    If I understand correctly, the Multiport was designed to specifically get round the AU2 limitation of 16 midi channels per port/instrument which users of Cubase and most other DAW's have been enjoying for some time now. 

    I'd like to know if AU3 is indeed released and supported by VEP and if so, does this negate the need for using the environment?

    Many thanks