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  • Extra keyboard advice please.

    Hi. I have a Kawai VPC1 for all piano work (great keyboard by the way!) but I am looking to buy a small keyboard with after touch for my VSL libraries. Can anyone recommend one to add to my set up. 49 or 61 will be fine. I don't need the full 88keys as I already have the VPC1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. John

  • Arturia's Keylab series offers good action, aftertouch and plenty of controls.

    As an already (fortunate) VPC1 owner you can even consider adding
    a keyboardless desktop controller to send/tweak MIDI messages eg. Novation SL MkII ZeRO,
    Behringer X Touch and alike.

    Hope it helps.

    PS I'm in love with surface feel of Kawai keys.

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  • Cheers Fabio. I think I'll go down the separate keyboard route. The Arturia's look great - it would be good to have a set of keys with a different feel to the 'grand piano' feel of the Kawai. Thanks again.

  • HI

    I am very interested in the Komplete Kontrol of NI

    The problem is that VSL needs to make there VI compatible to it, to send controls fields and keyswtitces field to the   keyboard.


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  • Plese delete this I can't get rid of all of the HTML garbage that was added

    Komplete Kontrol keyboard looks like it could be very useful if it could be integrated to work with VI/ VI Pro