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  • Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks by Richard Strauss

    Update of Merry Pranks with new MIRx Reverb, I think its awesome and complete different to Grosser Saal

    ps. Timpani section is missing cause i had to put the 55gb Percussion samples on external harddrives, it dosnt load from that, somehow


  • Hi mw

    I am sorry to say but this sounds very synthy to me. Also some of the notes are not as written in the score....for example, the third note of the theme played by the bassons in the begining is not staccato but should longer. It changes the whole feel of the theme. The reverb has little to do with any of this.

    I am sure you've heard this live but hope this helps you improve the demo. This is a very very hard piece to emulate so its a worthy goal. 



  • Hi Anand

    ofcourse there is always task for improvements, i cant wait to replace the chamber strings with dimension strings.


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