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  • Min specs for PC slave for VEPRO 5

    Hello Everyone

    I am new here and just ordered VEPRO 5 to initially be used locally on my iMac but considering buying a PC slave to host VEPRO which leads to a few questions:

    (1) The sample libraries to be used with VEPRO are located on 2 SSD drives set up as a RAID 0.  With that said, what are the minum specs for a PC slave?  I know it needs giga ethernet obviously and I know enough to make sure there are at least 2 USB3 ports, but what else should I be looking for in a slave PC? I am trying to finds a desktop PC for less than $500.

    (2) If I wait to purchase a PC slave, will I be able to migrate any VEPRO templates I make now to the PC slave host in the future?  I would hate to spend hours making a VEPRO template with all my favorite articulations and then be forced to redo it all from scratch if I decide to use a slave.

    (3)  How much latency will be introduced while recording live VIs?


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    @Another User said:

    (3)  How much latency will be introduced while recording live VIs?

    I have no proper experience other than trying out the VE PRO demo over the network. It seemed that there's very little latency - probably important to use good gigabit ports.

    I have to ask though, are you working with very large projects? What sample libraries are you using? Your iMac has an i7 processor and 24GB RAM which should get you very far. I was able to run dimension brass and basically all of the Special Edition on my 2011 macbook pro with i7 CPU and 16GB RAM. I do not use MIR PRO though. I guess using MIR and a lot of extended libraries might warrant a slave but otherwise it's mostly just good for the convenience of having everything loaded at all times (but with an SSD I personally don't mind waiting a minute to load everything). 

    The reason I bring this up is that I was looking into getting a slave but after buying an SSD to my mac and discovering the power of "enable on midi activity" I realised I could get by with just one computer for a long time ahead. I instead sold my macbook and bought a slightly better PC and just use that one machine.