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  • Question regarding transferring VEP License to another eLicense

    I purchased a second elicense key in order to open VEP 5 in the main and slave computer.

    I'm trying to transfer one of the three VEP license to the new dongle but I get the message "The license is a Collection license, it consists of several different licenses whcih cannot be separated from each other."

    I know I can use Vienna Instrument in just one dongle. It seems as if Vienna Instrument is inside all three licenses which are in the same dongle.

    Thanks for the help!



  • Hi Erick, 

    Yes, a Vienna Instruments license is included with any of our product licenses, by design (as you can see, all other licenses also contain a Vienna Instruments license).

    You should be able to move the VE PRO 5 / VI license over to the other key with a simple drag and drop.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL