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  • system requirements for old user

    Dear Moderator or VSL techies,

    The newest requirements for Mac are 10.8 (at least).  I bought VSL products several OS versions back, ran it wonderfully with Logic 8, and don't want to upgrade Logic or my OSX for MANY reasons.  Do I really have to change my OSX to download new purchases now?  Are "legacy OSX" downloads available? Can I buy DVDs and avoid the new system requirements?



    A partial Luddite

    PS: My autobiography: On nicely tricked out old Intel Mac Pro, I had to go up to 10.6 because ilok would not work otherwise.  I understand ilok has now abandoned the OS "chase" on both Windows and Mac, but that is another subject.  In a perfect world, I would never update any OS system on any computer, but THAT is another subject (why our culture fixes things that aren't broken, thereby breaking them, is something for the archaeologists of 3015 to answer.  I imagine they will conclude that a small but powerful religious cult caused a demigod named VistaLion to seize power for a time, eventually being defeated but causing long-term chaos).

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    Hi Bill,

    Actually all our software (apart from the brand-new Vienna Suite Pro) works with OS X 10.6.8, you just need to install an archive version of the eLicenser Control Center.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I appreciate your prompt response. I think I am overwhelmed with emotion right now, and in a good way.  I look forward to buying a variety of additional instruments from VSL.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks,