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  • Is there any hope to get the missing e, i, o based Vocal articulations?

    VSL has released not so long ago incredible musical reasonable vocal samples aswell choir as soloists. The one and only downside which makes them currently stand behind many other less beautiful sounding choir competitors is the missing ability to reflect the changes a sung text brings to each tone a singer sings.

    I do work with the most choir sample-libraries from other competitors, which pretend to have "wordbuilder" or "Phrasebuilder" functionalities. In reality for most of them is true that you can programm of course more or less different syllables for the notes to be sung. But if you listen there is often not that much more difference audible than the different vowels.

    That is the reason, why I would like to know if (and wish that) VSL will add in future similar samplesets to their Choirs and soloists for the vowels "i", "e", and "o" (in german pronounciation ;-) )

    I think that will make them at least as much ready to reflect the texts of vocal music as really every other vocalsample library on the market. While in their musical qualities they are already now unbeatable.

    So here is my question is there any realistic chance to get similar samplesets for the other missing vowels as we already have for "a" and "u" for the choir and soloists???

  • Hello fahl5, 

    We know that there´s quite some ground to cover on the vocal side of sample libraries, and there are plans to improve the situation. 

    I can´t tell you more at this point, but there is definitely hope!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    That means i might perhaps still have the chance to become the VSL-Fitzicarraldo in my life time...

    ok one more reason to reduce smoking, drugs, wingsuitegliding and freeclimbing.

    so please remind what I am ready to sacrifice for your promises dont let that be done for nothing !!! 😉