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  • Vienna Suite Pro

    Hi, Having purchased the Suite Pro I have been trying it out. On loading the Equaliser and Exciter I get a continuous buzzing/crackling in both speaker channels (stereo). This does not happen when running any other plug ins including the standard Vienna Suite. I have tried increasing the buiffer sizes Streaming and ASIO to large but it did not stop the problem. Would be grateful if you can advise.

    Kind regards,


  • Which host is this?

  • Hi Martin,


    I an running on Windows 7 Professional and Cubase Pro 8.30



  • Martin, just to clarify - loading the Vienna Suite Pro plug -in does not cause any problem. It is when you load any factory designed pre-set that triggers the buzzing .

    regards, Roy

  • Martin, I have now figured out that the buzzing occurs in the Eq Pro when I load a preset because it defaults to the green light 4x OS as on. When I switch this off - no more buzzing.

    Not sure why this should happen but that is the answer.

    Regards, Roy

  • I am a little bit surprised that there is still no Transient Designer in the package. Is it unusual in orchestral Mixes to shape Transients of drums or other percussive elements?

  • Just a general question about using Vienna Suite. I'm recording a few live instruments which I will add VSL string to. Can I use the Vienna Suite plugins on live instruments or just VSL virtual instruments?

  • Hi JET, 

    You can use Vienna Suite / Pro on any signal you like, these are "normal" audio plug-ins. 

    @LAJ: Transient Designer is a nice idea, maybe it will be added at some point. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    I am just wondering if you are yet able to shed any light on my original question - the strong buzzing sound  when loading a preset with the  4x OS button on?



  • I cannot reproduce this - please contact me using, so we can investigate this further.

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    @LAJ said:

    ... Is it unusual in orchestral Mixes to shape Transients of drums or other percussive elements?

    Yes, specialy here with very dry recorded VSL-samples. You have all the transients you need witj the dry signals.

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • I do not agree in this Beat. You may not forget that a Transient Designer is not only effective on attacs, but is also a powerful tool to create artificial sustains. Especially for Jazzdrums. But no problem at all, because Cubase has a nice Multiband Transient Designer since Version 8.

  • Transient Designers (a.k.a. envelope shapers) are also great to _get rid_ of attacks and transients that are too hard and thus "too close" in a certain conetxt.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Right, Dietz, most of the time I use them to make percussive "Wavetails" shorter or longer. So, finaly I think we all agree, that a Transient Designer is No. 1 on the wishlist. BR Lars