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  • Trying to understand Audio plug ins and processing

    Hi all,

    After  watching the  new Vienna Suite Pro info, wow, the plug in sounds just wonderfull, I mean, REALLY,....REALLY good, I mean, well, I'm knocked over by it and very -  very excited by this new vsl arrival.  I really want to understand more about audio plug ins and audio processing, so if I buy this, I can really understand what I'm doing in more depth. Can anyone please point me in some direction eg, a book, or videos etc, that will help me understand more about this area?


    Steve :-)

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    Hello Steve,

    I'm sorry I don't really have an answer to your question but if I may borrow the use of your thread to make a request to the hardworking VSL team.

    The VSL Academy has been a useful tool for people like me who have very little orchestral experience.  The tips on instrument combinations and sound characteristics have been invaluable to my work saving a lot of time.

    Why not expand the academy to include information on recording, mixing and mastering basics so people like Steve here can get a basic idea of mixing within an orchestral context.  Nothing too deep just general information like, "this is a limiter and here's how it's used"  or where the exciter can add some punch to your mixes.

    And it wouldn't have to be yet another project to pile on the already overworked Dietz.  Let users contribute their experiences and maybe even share templates and setups with the Vienna Suite or MIR.

    Just a suggestion😃

  • Hi Jasen,


    thanks for your reply. I have actually come over some books on audio in a library, but they were really quite heavy going and they were really related to pop/rock instruments, but I was looking for something related to orchestral audio. However, I did learn a few things, and in watching a video on Compression that Paul did on the Vienna Suite, he does explain this well.

    I also must say I haven't watched all of the videos either, so there is probably quite a lot of informatioin there that I need to watch again also.

    Using plug ins with orchestral instruments - I'm guessing that we would take a slightly different approach than rock/pop music, where most things tend to be at a continual sound level all the time, where orchestral music relies on contrast between volume levels for example, in a concerto just to name one example. But I'm sure there are ways that we can apply audio plugins to something like that, that would deal with that concept.


    Well, thanks for answering the post. 


    best regards,


    Steve :-)