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  • Rhythm changes with MIRPro!

    I judt did my first mix with MIR, and something very odd is happening. The piece was one I already had done using Proverb in Digital Performer. The new version just removes Proverb and uses Mir Pro instead. All of sudden passages which are in even 32nd notes change to a sort of swing rhythm! I have changed NOTHING in the sequence itself. To make it very clear I slowed it down a lot, and recorded two tiny audio files, the same music with Proverb, and with Mir Pro. The first one is called "OK", and the second is called "uneven". Here are the links:

    I've tried starting from scratch several time, setting up the MIR instance from zero, and every time this is what happens.

    Does anybody have any idea what is going on????


    P.S. My system is a new, very powerful Windows machine, with 6 cores, 64G of ram, and running Windows 7, so it's very hard to believe it is over-stressing the system.

  • The only idea I have is the mismatching of your latency buffer settings, this is from page 7-8 in the manual: "IMPORTANT: MIR Pro will not work with system latencies lower than 64 samples." & "*) IMPORTANT – as mentioned before: There are actually two numbers to take into account here, namely the host buffer size and MIR latency setting. The latter should either be 0 (which is usually ideal) or a number greater than the host buffer size. MIR latency below or equal to the host buffer size will give sub-par results." Hope this helps, pacman

  • Thanks for your answer. :-)

    I have been looking around trying to find out what are my host buffer size and system latency, but I don't know where to find them. I have a Xonar Essence STX PCI-E sound card, and I don't see these numbers anywhere in its control panel or their manual. I have also done some VERY big and demanding simulations on this machine with no trouble at all.


  • Wow, I have not seen that card before, as I use Firewire units, now: it looks like a good quality card and being PCI, this should be able to be really low latency, but where do you alter the buffer size? The software looks like it's for games and stuff, so maybe something comes on, with your project, which interferes with your song.... Long time ago (90s) I used to get an odd latency type effect with a PCI card, but once ASIO was introduced: all became well. I hope this is resolved for you soon.


    Just had a quick look at MOTU site and looks like you have a few controls which may have some bearing on this: SMPTE time code formats & MIDI timing resolution (PPQ)=2 trillion PPQ & Pitch automation, this could be too obvious, but something may be being triggered that has been overlooked! I could not see if you can alter buffers from within Performer? pacman

  • Can't you just change the buffer size right inside Digital Performer?


    Setup > Configure Audio System > Configure Hardware Driver...

  • Thanks Fred, I'll try it.  :-)