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  • SOlo Voices - More info wanted

    Hello!  I think the Solo Voices library is the beginning of what I need (more vowels and consonants and some kind of word-builder, please). But I don't hear much variety in the demos, which are all rather florid, slow, using heavy vibrato and swimming in reverb. I'm looking for something "jazzier", like The Swingle Singers or the voices in Reich's "Drumming", and want to hear the staccato consonants.

    Also, are there non vibrato samples, or a way to control the amount of vibrato?

    Finally, please do consider adding "oh" and "ee", plus more consonants.

    Thanks,  John Melcher

  • Why has no-one replied to this? It's pretty important, I think!

    Well, I'm no expert, but I think you're right about the demos. I like what I hear, but there is not much variety, and according to another forum post the transitions between one note and the next in Solo Voices aren't very smooth. For no real reason, here's the link to that page:

    I hope the VSL team will fix these issues in the future. Here's to their great products becoming even greater.