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  • A few demos for Clarinet 2

    A new clarinet, this time performed by a musician who is trained to play vibrato style. 

    Also a lot of modern techniques like multiphonics. 


     [url=]Autumn in New York[/url]

    [url=]Multiphonics Madness[/url]

  • Hello Guy,

    I always was and am fond of your demos. Your clarinet 2 compositions are just fantastic, especially the last one.

    Just to clarify. It is VSL or clarnet plyer's performance, as you had mentioned?


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  • Hi Gukas,

    The samples were played by a musician that was trained....

    Guy Bacos demos fooled a good friend of mine who is a professionnal clarinet player.

    He was really skeptical as someone did that with samples.

    It is that good for the sound, but the composition are outstanding as well.

    Have a good day!

    Jean Roy

  • Hi Jeancello,

    Thanks for feedback. Your friend isn't alone beeing skeptical. There always will be a gap between professionnal players and samples even if the mix was done by such hight specialists, like Beat Kaufmann, Guy Bacos and others in Community. But from enother side, samples give to composers comparatively more oportutity of creativ experiments.


     Gukas Pogosyan